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The mission of the Retreat Fund is to financially support practitioners in preparing and entering retreat for the purpose of reaching deep insights that will help them serve the world.

Insights from Retreat #1

Preparing Your Heart For Realizations

Alex Rivas, the first recipient of the YSI retreat fund, shares his experience of his 30 day retreat.

  • How to Prepare for Retreat
  • Reintegrating into work and family life
  • Navigating problems in retreat
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Because of the contributions of the Retreat Fund donors, YSI is now able to help people planand fund their retreats and share their experiences through our Insights From Retreat events.

Big love and thank you's to our past donors!

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YSI Retreat Fund

Retreat & Its Benefits:

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What Is Retreat?

Retreat is a withdraw from the usual daily activities for meditation & yoga practitioners to dedicate time exploring their hearts and minds.

Retreatants will carefully study the practice and theory of meditation as part of a planned schedule. Retreats can be led by a meditation teacher, or with enough experience, self-guided.


Why Do Retreat?

Modern life can keep us so busy that we can become disconnected from ourselves.

The introspective nature of retreat allows for the reflection of purpose, refreshing of mind and body, and a reconnection to our authenticity.

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Who Does Retreat?

Retreat is best suited for those with a willingness to go deeper into their practice. Anyone can participate in a retreat regardless of the community they belong to.

If you feel “something” is missing from life, time in retreat may help you find what you are looking for.

support retreatants.

Give the Gift of Retreat

You can directly help practitioners, from all over the world, to prepare and enter retreat.

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The YSI Retreat Fund is currently accepting donations to support retreatants all over the world. Are you looking for financial support for your first retreat? Apply for the Retreat Fund today!

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hear from past recipients.

Insights From Retreat

Recipients of the Retreat Fund share their experience and what they learned from retreat.

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