Why do we have negative emotions, what’s their cause and how can we break free?

Examine negative emotions from the unique perspective of the ancient traditions of yoga.


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What you will learn on this course: 

  • The inner and outer METHODS of yoga that produce a PERFECT body, mind and world
  • The CONNECTION between the physical body and our emotions, feelings and thoughts 
  • HOW the negativity bias feeds into our negative emotional states and HOW we can fight against this bias


  • Liking and ignorant liking. Two types of HAPPINESS and how they are created. 
  • All you wanted to know about ANGER
  • Five negative thoughts and how these PREVENT US from getting what we want
  • Root CAUSE of the chain of suffering
  • Practical TOOLS to use to break FREE
As we develop emotional intelligence we will move towards self-acceptance and learn how to apply wisdom in the perception of ourselves and our world.

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This course is a MUST IF YOU:

  • Just started to practice yoga and want to learn from professional competent sources 
  • Are an advanced yoga practitioner who is looking to improve your techniques
  • Are a Yoga Teacher aiming to improve your knowledge and techniques to give the best to your students
  • Want to break free from your negative emotions FOREVER



Earle Birney

Leads curriculum development for the Yoga Studies Institute.

Drawing from over 25 years of study in yoga, meditation, and philosophy, Earle looks to bring these traditional teachings to life in a way that is approachable, relevant, and authentically profound.  His teachings draw not only from his personal study and experiences in a three year silent meditation retreat, but also from his efforts in sharing these ideas in youth work, prison work, and in leading retreats around the world.

In this program of the Yoga for Negative Emotions, Earle combines the traditional teachings of yoga with modern ideas and techniques based on contemporary emotional research.  This course will provide students practical ways to decrease their negative emotional states of mind, their destructive responses to negative experiences and emotional episodes, and to provide a vision for the possibility of eliminating all negative states of mind permanently.

“So much deep gratitude to each and everyone of you for the creation of this course!  For putting it up all together… and working to make it all possible;  to do this virtually and at this relevant time! Love you all! Deep gratitude and hugs to you all! Thank you!”

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“I love everything that Yoga Studies Institute creates. The webinars are extremely professional and based on authentic knowledge. I also enjoy our community a lot.”

Break free from negative emotions forever.

What you´ll get:

  • 10 Pre-recorded teaching classes.
  • 3 Asana Classes.
  • 2 Guided meditations.

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