Welcome to the Giving List.

Not everyone is in position to afford a membership. We get it.

It's more important that you do yoga, than that you can afford to do yoga.

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Generosity makes anything possible.

Thanks to the giving hearts of YSI's Sponsor level memberships and various donors, we are able to give you what we have.



Pay What You Can

Our offerings are not free to us. If you are able to pay part of a membership, recognize that that will help us share with more people.


Opt Out When You Can 

Please enjoy this gift when you are in a strained financial position. If your situation changes, please be responsible and let us know here.

Pay It Forward

According to yogic teachings, you are experiencing this kindness due to a similar kindness you gave in the past. Please re-sow this seed of giving everywhere in your life to continue to help others.

Become a YSI Affiliate

If you're passionate about YSI and would like an opportunity to earn additional income (to help you pay for a membership) we invite you to learn about our Affiliate Program.

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