Lady Niguma Level 1

Foundation Certification


4 Day Intensive • Feb 13-14 & 20-21 • English and Español

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Designed specifically to reduce negatives emotions.


Achieve a deep peaceful sense of love that pervades all aspects of life.


Gain mental clarity and physical energy that help you float through each day.

"Even though it's a relatively easy series, the outer and inner effects become very apparent very soon."

Uta Scharf

YSI Instructor

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4 Day Intensive

February 13-14 and 20-21

From 8AM to 6PM over two weekends take a deep dive into the wonders of Lady Niguma Yoga with a mixture of live and pre-recorded.

The Lady Niguma Level 1 Foundation Certification course is designed to help students of all levels develop a deep understanding of Lady Niguma yoga.

The first part of the course will be a review of Lady Niguma's fascinating legend, lineage, and philosophy, an exploration of the inner body, the Lady Niguma Asana Series 1, and will instruct students on how to integrate these teachings into living a comprehensive Lady Niguma lifestyle.

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30 Day Wisdom in Action Challenge

The second part of the course is a 30 day Wisdom in Action challenge where students will bring this new information to life in their daily worlds. Each week along the way they will touch base with their assigned mentors for Q&A and discussion of their experiences. Upon completion, students will have established a deep foundation of information and life experience in Lady Niguma's tradition. 

Students who pass a final exam at the end of the 30 Day Wisdom in Action Challenge will earn a certificate of completion for Lady Niguma Level 1.


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Level 1 Master Certification

For students who are certified yoga instructors and are interested in teaching YSI-branded Lady Niguma asana classes as well as accessing and instructing YSI's Lady Niguma workshop series, or simply are interested in mastery of Lady Niguma, take the follow-up Master course and learn how to teach Lady Niguma.  

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