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What is essential

shines through action.

Karmic Partner

Aligning our practice on the mat with what we do in the world is a fundamental principle of yoga.

We donate a portion of the proceeds to help the amazing non-profit Green Stretch Penand we are eternally grateful for the opportunity they give us to make yoga work for others. 

Green Stretch Pen works with the teachers and children of Mexico to transform health risks by:

  1. Providing healthy greens drinks. 
  2. Encouraging joyful freedom through innovative fun movements.
  3. Delivering and embodying the tools & techniques required to eradicate bullying and violence.

Why do we support another charity?

Yoga Sutra IV.24 - Tad asankhyeya vasanabish chitram api para-artham sanhatya karitvat. // 
Countless seeds within our minds make us see the great variety of things around us…”

In the Yoga Sutra, Master Patanjali teaches that how we experience the world is a result of the “countless seeds” we’ve planted; or in other words, we get what we give. You’ll find across our platform that we encourage you to help others along their yoga journeys. This is because we know that this is the only way to help you in your own journey.

As a non-profit, this wisdom applies to us just as much to you! For this reason, we give to our sister nonprofit, Green Stretch Pen. A portion of every purchase you make goes to supporting their mission of caring for the health, safety and peace of mind of Mexico’s children

Working within the public school system, Green Stretch Pen feeds children healthy greens every morning, guides them through yogic stretches and exercises, and teaches them the same wisdom you’re learning here from YSI.

Your support of YSI not only helps us continue to share the wisdom of yoga, it also helps foster the next generation of our world to be more nourished, healthy, and peaceful. 

Learn more about Green Stretch Pen.

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