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Magic of Empty Teachers [Pre-Recorded Event Bundle]

MET Part #1 and Part #2!


About this Event:

In the year 2000, Geshe Michael Roach and five of his students entered into a 3 year, 3 month, 3 day silent retreat. These six were trailblazers, taking a leap of faith into what for many is inconceivable.

Throughout his silent retreat, Geshe Michael came out of silence twice a year to teach over a 4 day period; emphasizing over and over again the beauty and importance of having teachers in our lives, and the actions we must do to create them.

These iconic teachings became known as the Quiet Retreat Teachings and were unforgettable for those who had the fortune to attend. To this day, Geshe Michael has never re-taught the content from these retreats.

To re-awaken these lessons, we have asked teachers, many who were at this event over 20 years ago, to share their favorite stories and their favorite advice from this teaching. These are priceless jewels for our ears as remembered, learned, and lived by students from around the world. In this way, we would like to honor our teacher, to join together in community, and to study the Magic of Empty Teachers once again.


Part #1 includes Day #1 + #2

Part #2 includes Day #3 + #4


Day #1 Special Guests:

  • Gail Deutsche of Diamond Mountain Retreat Center

  • Tim Lowenhaupt of Asian Classics Institute and Mixed Nuts

  • Marija & Peter Möertl of Pink Diamond and Gold Club

Day #2 Special Guests:

  •  Jasmin Yao of Raw Diamonds

  •  Hector Marcel from Three Jewels NYC

 Day #3 Special Guests:

  • Nick Lashaw of Mixed Nuts Translation Team

  • Mr. Binh of Diamond Cutter Institute Vietnam

  • Stanley Chen of Diamond Silk Entrepreneur University

Day #4 Special Guests:

  • John Brady of Asian Legacy Library

  • Rob Haggerty - "Junior Fixer"

  • Connie O'Brien of Yoga Studies Institute and Diamond Cutter Institute


You Will Receive:

  • Zoom links for live events on all four days

  • Access to session recordings