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Introduction to Asana [Self Paced]

Learn, step-by-step, the fundamental skills & techniques for a successful asana practice.

Progress through 6 fundamentals of asana, and learn the philosophy underlying each:

+ How yoga works

+ Yogic Breathing

+ Balanced & Standing Poses

+ Twists & Turns

+ Backbends

+ Inversions

You will integrate the teachings through Coursework with journal prompts, challenges to put your new wisdom into action, meditation prompts and homework.


What you'll get:

+ 6 Pre-recorded Classes: Asana Master shares a tried & true meditation framework that helped him to complete a three year meditation retreat. 

+ 18 Guided Asana: Six types of asana posture with proper technique for a safe and long lasting asana practice

+ Wisdom in Action: Weekly challenges & journal prompts to integrate what you've learned.

+ Certificate of Completion: Earn a certificate by completing course checklists, quizzes, and a final exam

+ Access to Course Materials for Life

+ Yoga Alliance CE credits 


About the Course:

This course focuses on the outer practice of postures and movements, which are known as “asana”. Students will explore various asana poses and their role in how yoga works.

Starting with the alignment and ending with inversions, this course will guide you, step by step, to making the most of your practice. Lydia Gallagher works through 6 different categories of fundamentals for beginners and intermediates to perfect their posture and alignment. 

This course is ideal for someone who has never received formal training in yoga asana (whether it’s their first time on the mat or their third year) and would like to fill in the gaps to improve their technique. Learning the fundamentals of a safe, profound practice will help any practitioner make more of their class.

Each class comes with a teaching from Lydia Gallagher where she teaches the asana concept and connects it to the philosophy of yoga. Then, following the teaching, grab your mat! You'll have 3 guided asana classes for each lesson that will help you to apply the theory into your physical practice. 


Recommended resources:

+ Yoga Mat

+ Blocks

+ Yoga Wheel: Some asana classes will use a yoga wheel to improve your balance and flexibility, the effectiveness of your asana practice


About Your Instructor:

Lydia Gallagher - Washington, U.S.A.

Lydia was born and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. She developed a dedicated asana practice at Punto Yoga with Angie Flores, an Authorized Level 1 Ashtanga Yoga teacher. In line with the Ashtanga lineage, she visited Mysore, India, where she studied at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute.

In 2017, she met Michael Roach who shared the foundations of Tibetan lineage philosophy and since then has developed a solid meditation practice as well as successfully completed an Applied Meditation Teacher Training in ancient Asian philosophy.

As she transformed her life using the teachings, her practice evolved as well. In 2020 she completed the Life of a Yogi Teacher Training with Sri Dharma Mittra and teaches Dharma yoga at the Yoga Studies Institute to a worldwide audience.


What People Are Saying:

It's incredible how you can be doing a practice for years, then a teacher teaches you a fundamental detail that you always missed, and in a single moment your entire practice elevates. This course was great for helping me patch up practice gaps I didn't even know I had!

-Robert B