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YSI 300 Hour Teacher Training

From 2009 to 2012, YSI offered a 300-Hour Teacher Training Program.  The program was designed by Kimberley Theresa Lafferty, Ted Lafferty, Mira Shani, Kristina Pao Cheng, and Nicole Sanderson.  It combined the lineage of Tibetan Heart Yoga created by Christie McNally (which presented a detailed system of mental practices to do during asana practice), a system of alignment principles and teaching methods from the (former) Anusara yoga system, Integral Life Practice Framework by Ken Wilber, the scriptural translations of classic yoga scriptures by Geshe Michael Roach, plus many hours of teaching, practicum, anatomy, and more.

Students were asked to commit to a strict system of personal ethics and daily spiritual practice including yoga, meditation, and active service in the world.

Here are some clips from the program.

A video of Kimberley Theresa teaching on the Yoga Sutra.

Every student who graduated through our program put in a great deal of effort and application to earn their certification.  These graduates should be commended for their rigor, selflessness, and spiritual ambition.  They are warriors of practice and world-centric thinkers.  Each one left empowered into a new version of themselves.

A sneak peek at the YSI 300 hour teacher training.