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The Youth Project is a think-and-act tank which is supporting and creating middle and high school yoga programs.  Based in Northern Arizona, the project's first mission is to save the yoga program at Flagstaff High School.  Since funding was completely cut, The Youth Project aims to raise $13,000 for Jennie's salary, so that the Flagstaff High School Yoga Program can continue to provide yoga for students in the upcoming school year. We are very pleased to announce a foundation grant of $3000 has been graciously given by The Yoga Studies Institute, and we are currently seeking funding from private donations as well.  All money raised will go directly to Flagstaff High School to be used for Jennie's salary.

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Jennie Pearl is a dedicated teacher and practitioner of yoga. A former English teacher, she helped to create and now leads the yoga program at Flagstaff High School, a for-credit physical education elective course that students take during their regular school hours.  Her classes are an established oasis where teens from a variety of backgrounds and interests come daily for an hour of personal cultivation.  Compassionately and precisely guided through timeless methods for increasing energy and focus, her students return to their day mentally refreshed, physically renewed, and empowered at the core to radiate harmony from within and revitalize the world around them. Jennie's tireless efforts have enabled the yoga curriculum to expand its scope to accommodate enthusiastic students throughout their freshman to senior years, with practice five days a week, and opportunities to cooperate in weekend yoga workshops developed specifically for teens. Beginning with only thirty students in 2005, the program now serves 120- nearly 10% of the entire student body- qualifying it as a truly pioneering example of forward-thinking education.

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